What do you think about people who can't live without sport?

What do you think about people who can't live without sport?

Why An Obsession for Fitness is not a Nonsense.

Before we dive deep into the world of those who can't live without sport, let me take you on a short and exciting journey. I've never been an all-in sports enthusiast. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy occasional tennis game and adore watching rugby, but never reached the level where I'd dedicate my life to it. I have more fun playing with my golden retriever, Max who, funnily enough, is always keen on a ball game.

It struck me how some people cannot go a day without indulging in their athletic pursuits - be it running, playing tennis, football, hitting the gym or merely practicing yoga. It’s like they 're on a rollercoaster of adrenaline and fear, woven with the sheer excitement of physical exertion, and they simply can't get off. It led me down the rabbit hole, to understand the psyche of people who can't live without sport.

A Different Kind of Addiction – The Sports.

Have you ever wondered why some people describe sport as an addiction? This psychological 'addiction' to sport isn't due to the substance-related compulsions that we typically associate addiction with, you know, like chocolates, or caffeine, or my grannie’s apple pie. No, it’s a passion, a journey you embark upon, where the destination never actually matters.

The buzz that athletes get from pushing their bodies beyond limits makes it a worthy cause. It's like a constant conquest to improve oneself, fine-tuning your strengths, and turning your weaknesses into advantages. It's not just a fancy way to stay fit - it's an embrace of holistic wellness and one’s self through the lens of active physical participation.

Meet Your New Best Friend – Endorphins.

Humans are wired to seek out experiences that make us feel good. For people who can't live without sport, the trigger point often is simple: the rush of endorphins. These 'feel-good' hormones play a pivotal role in mood regulation, and are released in abundance during physical activities.

The high that you get from running a marathon, or scoring a goal in a football match, or even a solid workout at the gym can leave you on a natural high for hours, sometimes even for days. It is the feeling of accomplishment, which is hard to describe, standing on the pinnacle with the voice clear in your head - 'You did it!'. That’s the charm of endorphins!

What Happens in the Playground doesn't Stay in the Playground.

Academics and sports are usually considered two sides of the spectrum. But let me tell you a peculiar fact: studies show that there's a strong correlation between sports and academic performance. Marvellous, isn't it?

Students who engage in sports perform better in academics. It's not magic. Sports teach discipline, teamwork, resilience, the art of losing gracefully, of failing and bouncing back. These life skills go a long way in shaping a person's temperament and outlook on life, influencing their performance in academics and careers. Playing on the field prepares you for the bigger game - life itself.

From Stress to Bless - The Sports Efficacy.

Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders sometimes? Don't worry; you're not the only one. Life can be exhausting. Here is the magic of sports. It has an uncanny and effective way of busting stress.

A good session of sport is often an excellent stress buster, diverting the mind, reducing mental clutter and anxiety, all while improving physical health. Moreover, it enhances creativity, decision-making capabilities, and fosters a sense of community and belongingness.

The Sporting Risk – Don't Overdo It!

All that's good comes with some risks; the same goes for sports. It is common to see sports enthusiasts eager to reach their fitness milestones, pushing their boundaries, which is admirable but needs caution. Constant strenuous exercise can lead to injuries. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Like any other lifestyle choices, it's vital to incorporate balance when it comes to sports. It doesn't mean sports are bad; it's about learning to listen to your body, understanding your limits and gradually pushing them. It goes back to the age-old wisdom - 'Too much of anything is never good.' But don't let this fact deter you from experiencing the magic of sports. I say magic because it truly is magical!

Keep the Fire Burning – Finding Motivation.

Now, it all boils down to a question: how do sports enthusiasts keep their fire of passion burning? Coaches play an essential role in guiding sports enthusiasts. They set goals, guide you, motivate you, and push you to perform better.

Another driving factor for sports enthusiasts is self-improvement. This commitment to self-improvement imbued with motivation from supportive surroundings helps them keep that fire for sports alive. And, of course, always remember the endorphins, your best friend.

I believe we all have our penchant for sports irrespective of our inclination towards it. It doesn't have to be high intensity always, it could be a simple walk with your dog, Max in my case, or backyard cricket with your friends. At the end of the day, it’s about finding your groove and living a healthy and joyful life. Remember, not all Olympians started as champions, but they all surely started!

Written By Kieran McAllister

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